Official stage two report…

6 04 2010

…this just in from Harry:

Day 2….Temperature today was 46 celcius at the hotest pt. We started strong and enjoyed some fantastic scenery. The mood soon changed when we ran 10km across an open salt plain… it was a very hard slog in the heat and we used all our water well before the check point. This was followed by an ascent which actually uses ropes at one point to stop people falling back down. This was a brutal challenge and on the way home we had about 45 mins of sand dunes. Total time out today was 7 hours and we covered 35 km. Simon and I are in relatively good health. We have seen collapses, vomiting, lots of very sore feet and 5 to 10 peple have left the race. We are still doing well, saying that it isn’t easy and our shoulders are tenderised along with quite sore feet & muscle strain. Moral is good and we have plenty of food… thank goodness.




One response

6 04 2010

Thinking of you both all the time – doing well.
Love Mum/Rosie

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