Stage four report

9 04 2010

After some time out for a hard earned rest, and to attend to blistered feet, Harry and Simon have emailed Adri and Tünde. Best of all, Adri was able to speak with Si via a satellite phone, and said he sounded in good spirits.

The Loons, living up to their name, tackled the long stage in one go, including a 10-hour night treck, following a laser in the sky, something Harry said was “very cool”. Si explained their plan: “Set off yesterday 8.30am for an easy 82.5km; good pace throughout the day despite baking heat. No hanging around in any of the CP for too long; Harry had some blisters patched but we pressed on into the night. Some massive dunes as we went through 15hrs and rushed the final CP, coming home in 19 hrs 35 mins, storming the last 10km and stealing at least 20 places!”

The stage has a 36 hr cut off point for completion. The boys were writing as that approached, with competitors still limping in. Harry graphically illustrated the scene: “Everyone is walking as if it is a war zone, limping and bandaged with painful expressions on their faces. It is as hard as we expected.”

It’s not quite all down hill from here though. “Only 40km tomorrow, after today’s rest, and a final 20km with 7.7km of dunes to finish,” says Simon. Harry was at pains to thank everyone who has emailed messages of support. Simon says he is looking forward to “a large steak and chips – hint, hint!”




One response

9 04 2010

Awesome boys. Just awesome. We’re missing you around Budapest and all our thoughts and best wishes are with you both. Patrick

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