Stage five report

10 04 2010

Day 6, Stage 5: Marathon Stage (42km). Report from Harry:
“The boys did well today [Friday], 5hr 42min for a full marathon. We ran 90% with the hope that we can get into the top 50%. It felt like we reached the top 40% today. It is the last stage tomorrow [Saturday] which is 21km over very large sand dunes, then 7 hours back to civilisation, a shower, and a beer. The race is hard but what we probably didn’t appreciate so much was the uncomfortable element in terms of lack of food, lack of sleep, lack of cleaning; it takes its toll over the course of the week. It has truly been a physical and mental challenge. We have seen some real feats of courage and determination – people running in their sandals as they can’t fit their shoes on any more. One guy in our tent has a bladder infection, broken toe, blisters on hs blisters and took 33 hours to complete the long day, still smiling. Its been awesome.”




3 responses

10 04 2010
Mary Murphy

It puts our usual daily moans, groans, bitches, and gripes into perspective. Enjoy that well-deserved beer, lads!

10 04 2010
Jon Harman

Just back from Paris boys and catching up on stages 3, 4, and 5. It’s great to hear that you are not only hanging in, but in the front half of the pack. I’ve told anyone who will listen (usually other runners) about your insane adventure. Looking forward to hearing the tale over beers (steak and chips too!).

10 04 2010

Going good fellas, keep it up for the final straight and enjoy the beer / steak / chips / any other treats at the finish line.

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