Video of 25th MdS – Harry and Simon

19 04 2010



4 responses

19 04 2010
Arthur Rogers

I’ve only got one comment…….I’m gobsmacked!!!! Well done lads, your feet look like how I feel having seen the video.

21 04 2010
Andrea Snow

Very impressive Loons. Wow. It made me cry. I am so so so so glad.
You both are due to a receive medals from up there too…only one question – where the hell are the girls on the race???
I am up to it – actually I am hooked. xoxox

26 04 2010
Ildiko Benedek

Congratulation Harry and Simon, you are HEROES.

5 03 2011
Barb Spitler

I’m late to this party…by about a year. But I must say how inspirational I found your video and website to be. You see, I was just chosen in the lottery, to do MDS in 2012! Lots to learn, and lots of miles to build…!!

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