The plan is to raise funds to expand the number of mother and child distance trauma
suites at the Second Department of Paediatrics at Budapest’s Semmelweis University
Hospital, better known as SOTE II.

The rooms will allow the mothers of critically ill children coming in from the
Hungarian countryside (and possibly, under certain circumstances, from outside the
country’s borders) to stay with their offspring, an important aid to recovery. SOTE
II has very few such facilities at present.

More about the Robert Burns International Foundation can be found clicking here!

There are many passionate people involved in this appeal. The runners, the fund-raisers and of course the hospital staff. We all appreciate any support you can give. Every Pound, Euro or Forint will count.

Donations can be made in three ways:


Visit the RBIF website and click the donate button.

This is the easiest way to send money from outside of Hungary and it is very quick and easy.

2. Bank transfer to the Robert Burns International Foundation

RBIF Bank details
Raiffeisen Bank, Budapest, Akademia u. 6.
Swift code: UBRTHUHB
IBAN: HU 7912 0010 0800 1149 1200 6000 04
12001008-00114912-00600004 (from Hungary)

The foundation website:

Enquiries: or mobile: +36 70 941 1913
Steve Jones, General Secretary


18 responses

1 02 2010

Just a thought lads: somewhere you should make it clear that ALL the money you fundraise is going to the appeal.

3 02 2010
Gripper (IG)

ENJOY every minute of it (I wish I’d been invited).
If you finish in the TOP half- I’ll DOUBLE my donation.


23 02 2010
Stuart McAlister

I’ll donate €0.50/km completed. This is an amazing event, something I could
never do and the least I can do to support the boys is to put my hand in my

23 02 2010

Thanks Stuart, Lets hope we complete the full 250 km by hook or by camel. H

3 03 2010
Rick S

Harry you’re no longer the drunken playboy that I once knew. This is seriously impressive undertaking.
I’m sponsoring you 50 euros. Unlike Gripper with his carrot approach, I prefer the stick and will halve this if you don’t finish! ….hope you haven’t lost your Ulster humour.

4 03 2010

Cheers Rick, with friends like you the only way to survive is a humour. Thanks for the donation, H

12 03 2010
Olly Groves

Mentalists. I’m in for £50 (will Paypal) + do my bit to spread the word.

Should try and set up an Paypal donate button like this:

Build own button.

Makes bit easier to donate. Give me shout if need any help.

15 03 2010

Considering how wrecked you were trying to keep up with me 3 weeks partying round Oz, I have my doubts about your stamina Harry my man, and you were 10 years younger then 😉 I’ll donate €0.50/km completed and top that up with some incentives – an extra €25 if you finish in top 200, another €25 for top 150, another €25 for top 100 and finally another €50 if you get into the top 50.

15 03 2010

Cheers Fin. Ill be drinking more on this trip than I did with you then but a very different alcohol level. Thanks for the support and I will do my best to take as much money off you as possible. Harry

17 03 2010

Count us in for €0.50/km completed plus €25 for being silly enough to make it to the start line and extra €50 for being mad enough to make it to the finish line.

17 03 2010
Harry Harron

There’s no stopping us so that’s a healthy 200 Euro! Thanks Marina and Chris, really appreciate it!

20 03 2010
Stuart Rossi

Hi Harry and Simon,
As discussed last night I’ll donate 100 HUF per km, and will round it up to 30,000 HUF if you finish in the top half. Will do it by bank transfer locally. You are mad men, but good luck.

21 03 2010

Thanks Stuart, We’ll be thinking of you you while your skiing and we are sliding down some sand dune. Catch up when we get back, Harry

26 03 2010
brian carver

Hi Harry – just to wish both good luck on this crazy run. Try to avoid cutting off toes etc just to finish – look forward to following your progress ( I will be sitting in a comfortable bar in Corfu). I know your not motivated by money !!! but will donate £250 for starting and a further £250 if (when) you finish.

Brian & Eileen

26 03 2010
30 03 2010

Just sent you HUF 27.000,- as a small contribution to your great effort and goal!
And moreover I will send you all my energy for you for th 6 days to complete!
Good luck and wish you a lot of strength!

10 04 2010
Sarah Connor

Really proud of you both – charity cinema night brought in £350! Will send it through paypal xxx

10 04 2010
Rosie & Lawrence Kinney (Harry's Mum)

Coffee Morning at the moment stands at £700 with more donations coming in – everyone is really proud of you both! GO GO GO

Love Mumsie xxx

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