Our aim is run 1500 KM in training before the event. This will be mix of runs and will depend on time and weather to some extent. Training in the winter months in Hungary isn’t exactly the best training conditions for the Sahara desert where it will be between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius. The runs will be made of long runs at the week end using the hills, laps of Margaret Island and up and down the danube.


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10 11 2009

Hi Simon, good run tonight, 18km. Longest run yet and felt strong. We need to run this sort of distance more often!

22 11 2009

Good on you boys!!!
Keep up the training.
Lots of love,—–Val.

4 12 2009

Pain In The….

There are times when I really enjoy being a runner and there are occassions when I battle with myself as to why I bother. Saturday’s long run for me was painful every step of the way, the tight calf muscles eased off, only for hip flexors to start pulling every step and then quads ached all the way back down hill – not my greatest session.

Moaning and self-pity out the way I did actually enjoy it, great sense of freedom in trail running, fresh air, gorgeous scenery and a feeling of achievement, just like the rest of life you can’t have a great day everyday and you have to live with that. Cheers to Roger & son Matyas for the swim, sauna and scoff!

Light gym training on Sunday and a massage eased the pain, it may be just a placebo but the Glucosamine and Magnesium seem to be working – aches are gone (falls over from chair as muscles seize up!) Just in time for a 5.30pm splash about along the Danube.

4 12 2009

Training Run 21/11/2010 @16k, Hegy Teto – Zanko – Kis Hortoba – Sztaravoda – Lorinc Laposa

Solid 2hrs. trail run in the mist yesterday with Harry & Malcolm.

“Happy Bike”
is a network of bike paths in the Visegradi – Pilis Hills most of which are closed to all but forestry traffic. Countryside is looking really bare, leaves are thick on the forest floor, beautiful colours and it is great to get out of the city.

Loop was a long, long and quad hammering (49 minute) downhill, on a made, closed road followed by steady climb back up on forest tracks. Time to link this up with parts of the Pomaz – Pilisszentlaszlo run and start moving the weekend long run up to 25 – 30 + km.

11 12 2009

Check out the following from, unfortunate timing (Valentines w/e in 2010) 47km with 2600m elevation starting between18.00 and 19.00. Good race practice.

15 12 2009

I’ll start put together an events list but this will be a great test in March a 43k mountain marathon 1950m climb up in the Matrafured region. has got its act together and it is showing Xmas / New Year and 2010 Q1 events.

Ran last night 30 mins a decent pace – pain free – good so far. Could stretch out the left quadricep fully, foot to butt. Taking Voltaren (2 x 12.5mg) a day.

28 12 2009

When you back fat boy!? Lay off the Guiness and the turkey curry get yourself back to Hungary, half rations and 90 days torture before d-day…

10 01 2010

Mate, you need to update those totals; I am banging in / out the miles (km’s if I was in mainland Europe)
Finally get to run on the beaches and sand, covered in snow and frozen solid.
Went for a run with Jason today -2c and grey he was in shorts, caught a few second glances!!! Sends his regards and wishes us not too much self inflicted pain.
Last few days 2hrs / 1.5hrs / 3 hrs / 1.5 – long one tomorrow.

14 01 2010
saunders – another harrowing tale of 45c, sand in every crack and blisters!

15 01 2010

Brilliant stuff on water and bottle switching routine + foot care.

28 01 2010
Jon Harman

Boys. Think it’s time to go barefoot. I’m getting my Vibram Five Fingers next week. I’ll let you know how it goes. After reading ‘Born to Run’ it just makes so much sense. Keep running. What was it Anne Trason said, Simon, something about falling in love with suffering?

8 02 2010

Well, well, well Harry Harron. Not sure what else to say really, Steve always said you were an adrenalin junkie. Oh, Chris wants to know if the donations are tax deductible in either Russia or Australia? Will be thinking of you all the way!! Mx

13 02 2010

Good run today, “All the Bridges and a lap of the island” with 10kg and water which took the best part of 2 hours. I plodded on after Harry decided to rest his sore hip (don’t worry he will bounce back – rest and mobility required) and Malc “Speed Demon” Trussler decided he couldnt be seen running as slowly as me. Cold, cold wind blowing down the Danube and tonnes of snow still on Margitsziget. Felt slow but also as if I could have kept going all day… Si

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